About Buchanan Barry LLP : History

Founded in 1960 by Grant Buchanan and Ray Barry, Buchanan Barry LLP started from humble beginnings. Frustrated with the staid and inflexible structure of the accounting establishment at that time, Grant and Ray sought to bring a more human approach to the accounting services they provided. Grant and Ray left stable employment with a local firm (now, since closed), promising to themselves that a practice built on solid relationships with clients as well as associates would prove more fulfilling than the “old boys club” they left.

While much has changed in the past five decades, Buchanan Barry LLP remains true to Grant and Ray’s vision. The firm’s office is substantially larger than it was when Grant and Ray struck out on their own, but the Leadership Group’s doors remain open to all. Laptop computers and electronic filing systems have replaced paper ledgers and manila folders, but our staff’s attention to detail has not waned. We have considerably more clients than Grant and Ray did back in 1960, but our approach to client relationships has not changed, evidenced by the fact that many of Grant and Ray’s original clients (and their children and grandchildren) still rely on us for their various accounting, tax and advisory needs.

In addition to serving our clients, Buchanan Barry LLP serves its community.  Each year we support our people as they represent Buchanan Barry LLP in Calgary Corporate Challenge, raise funds for the Heart & Stroke Foundation and the United Way, contribute their time to the Calgary Stampede and otherwise take action to improve the great community of which we are a part.

We are committed to our people, helping them grow and develop into the professionals to whom our firm's 60 years of success is attributable.