Always Grow

We are proud that our firm fosters a true work life balance with healthy doses of fun, time off and interesting, invigorating work. So much more than policies and procedures, our firm recognizes that people – our staff and clients – lie at the heart of our success. As a result, our culture centers around the needs of our team and its members with a view to maintaining the best possible work environment we can.

We want our staff to feel challenged, engaged and most importantly, fulfilled. Buchanan Barry LLP supports ongoing professional development – from aspiring accountants and other professionals, through to even the most senior partner. Here are some of the ways we will foster your development:

Every new employee is given comprehensive training – both formally and informally – in their first few months on the job. Starting a new job can be challenging and we want to help you succeed from day one.

We want our professionals to remain at the forefront, that’s why we put our money where our mouth is. We pay for qualifying professional development courses and programs (Some restrictions apply.)

We have a wide variety of engagements with a wide variety of diverse clients. This means you will have the opportunity to experience different types of work and to benefit from the steeper learning curves that novelty brings. We are hands on at every stage of the engagement, from proposal and planning through completion and post-mortem.

To celebrate success, we must support success. This means giving our students additional help when the time comes for them to write exams. We offer paid days for face-to-face; study days and exam days – with some variations depending on the module.

CPA is already challenging enough, so we try to make it easier for you to do well. Buchanan Barry LLP will pay your registration and first attempt at each module. The firm also allows its students to bank their overtime, vacation, and flex time to be used for additional CPA study and work time.

Our CFE writers benefit from the firm’s tried and tested support program. This program includes comprehensive study materials, live instruction and mock exams. Our enviable CFE success rate speaks volumes about the effectiveness of this program which is led and supported by past writers.

We are committed to our people, helping them grow and develop into the professionals to whom our firm's 60 years of success is attributable.